Saturday, May 19, 2012

Time to raise the beds

Last fall my husband and I worked to built several raised beds for our garden. We used left over wood we had around our property. All together we made (8) 4' x 4' beds, (2) 7' x 3' beds and (2) 3' x 3' beds to our current (4) 3' x 4' ones.  So currently our garden is 34' wide and 14' tall. We then purchased some top soil for a local nursery down the road and filled all the beds. Then put a layer of straw down.

Now as you can see above, the layout of the garden. This year I'm trying to use the square foot garden method, so each plant type needs a specific amount of space. So this took some reading and laying out how many plants I could fit in each section.

Seedlings for the tomatoes, peppers, watermelon and cantaloupe we started indoors from seeds.

To get the garden started this year, I need to do something with the pathways. They were filled with weeds and ones that bite back. Since I wanted the garden to be kiddo friendly something needed to be done. I was this idea on pinterest and decided this would be the best method. I gathered cardboard from my work then cut the card board to fill the pathways. Then put mulch on top.

So with the pathways filled I added stepping stones throughout to keep the cardboard down and in place.  Over the existing blueberry and raspberry plants I added for post, one in each corner and tied bird netting over the area. Last year the deer ate all but 3 blueberries and luckily this is our first year to get raspberries.

So now I had to wait, cause from my hometown, "you don't plant your garden until after derby". Weather is very crazy around here. So its the weekend after derby, Friday night my husband surprised me for mother's day with 2 scoops of compost filling is truck. Only my husband could get away with a gift like that. Then the next morning he went out and filled all the beds! Extra bonus.

Then my mom and dad came over and we planted all the seedlings into their spot. Then planted all of the seeds into their home. It was a great way to spend time with my mom on pre-mother's day.

Photos from a few days later, mostly everything is still living. A few plants didn't make the transplant, but overall a good turn out. Above is the kale and chard I planted the week before, already sprouted!!

Now here are some photos from my container garden on the deck, which is doing fantastic.

And here is my future grower, I love that she will be raised always having a garden. Its one of the skills I want to make sure she learns.

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