Thursday, June 28, 2012

Oh my how my garden grows....

Life has been busy with a vacation, preparing for the vacation and adjusting back to real life....

But while I was away, my garden kept doing what it does best...growing!!

I now have kale and collard greens that will be harvested this weekend, green tomatoes, beginning of green beans and peas. Pepper plants are starting to flower. And baby melons are appearing among the jungle of vines.

I test spot for growing lettuce in summer seems to be working, although I want to put a raised bed since the soil is not great. So thanks to pinterest, I'm going to use a pallet, further posting with details.

Well here is a look at my garden as of yesterday and this morning.....

Have a great day

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Can I have your autograph please?

We are heading to Disney soon with JP’s mom and sister’s family. So since Easter is coming I decided to make all four kids autograph books to collect character names during our trip. After researching on the internet, I found a tutorial that would fit what I wanted to make.

Here is a link to the tutorial,

I used chipboard for the covers, mainly because I can a free supply from work. To help with the sturdiness I had JP glue to of them together. I made the book to me 4 x 6, and added the extra inch for the spine just as the tutorial suggested.

After getting all the boards glued and cut out, I laid them out on the cardstock I chose for the covers. I left roughly about 1/8”ish spacing between the cover and the spine. Then trimmed the cardstock to leave 2 inch over hand and cut the corners in on an angle. My choice for glue is modge podge; it’s my favorite and worked well for this project. I then glued all the over hang down to the chipboard.

For the back cover, I hot glued twine that is roughly 12” long, this is to attach the marker. Then cut the piece for the inside page, to cover up the edges and give a nice clean look (And on the back cover will cover the glued twine.)

Now in the ladies tutorial she was able to use a hole puncher to punch the holes, but my strong hubby broke two hole punchers trying to punch the holes. So I matched up the front and back over and then made my marks for the holes, roughly in the center of the spine and then I measured and marked for the 1” and the 3”. The securing the covers together with insides facing each other, passed them on to JP. He then got manly and drilled the holes for me with power tools.

In the meantime I cut all the inside pages, making the pages 4 x 6” and hand punching the holes to match the cover. This took a minute, making 20 or so pages for each book and then for four books.

Now in the tutorial, she used brads to connect the pages and covers together and making easy to add additional pages if needed. However mine did not stay together when I tried to open the book up, so I decided to use binding rings. Easy to use, I can add pages of photos later to each of their books.

For the back cover I simply put the year of our trip. Then for the front cover, I added each of the kiddos' names and a Mickey Mouse face. I also have some stickers to add randomly throughout the book. Lastly I used the twine to tie the marker to the book.

These we given to all the kids for Easter as part of their basket, huge hit!!