Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Love Your Greens Challenge

So I decided to take on a challenge, to push my healthy boundaries to a new unknown level. I stumbled upon this challenge while on FaceBook, The unconventional kitchen, Love your greens challenge. For the entire month of May, a new green smoothie to blend and drink. (www.unconventionalkitchen.com)

Now I started making smoothies in the mornings, but I used milk and yogurt along with my fruit, some oatmeal and usually a little green. So this seemed to be perfect for me, plus the benefits of weight loss, more energy, clear skin, etc. All of that sound perfect, just what I need. But why do this alone??? I recruited a friend at work to do the challenge with me. She is on her only get healthy journey and this was something we could do together.

So a week before the challenge started I got my ingredient list, everything I would need for each week. The recipe made two serving sizes, which was great for me and my friend. Now it was left open on how you would use your smoothie, meal replacement, snack, after workout meal, etc. I used mine as my breakfast; my friend used it as a mid day or late afternoon snack at work. Now I wanted to eat better and get more greens, but I also really wanted the energy. I’m a coffee drinker, love, love, love my coffee. But I think that I drink too much because it is so good and because I put cream and sugar in it. So to cut down on my coffee and sugar intake, I decided to cut my coffee intake in half. I fill up my to go cup, add a little less sugar then normal and that was my coffee for the entire day. Trust me, some days it was a challenge.

So the day before May 1st, I received my first recipe “ Basic Green Smoothie“. The next morning it was on, my ninja and ingredients were ready and there was not going back. So I documented the ingredients every morning on the blog Facebook page. Then popped everything into the blender and hoped for the best. Here is a list of all the recipes for each day and my like or dislike, below are just my personal opinions.

Day 1: Basic Green Smoothie  - good and sweet
Day 2: Sweet Kale Smoothie  - texture was off for me
Day 3: Strawberry Orange Green Smoothie  - tasted ok
Day 4: Delicious Detox Smoothie  - didn't care for, only drunk half my serving
Day 5: Lime Sublime Green Smoothie  - surprisingly good
Day 6: Berrylicious Smoothie  - Good
Day 7: Zippy Lime Smoothie  - Good and limey
Day 8: Pineapple Bliss Smoothie  - Good
Day 9: Tropical Orange Heaven  - Good and orangey
Day 10: Blueberry Chia Powder Smoothie  - Good, did not have chia seeds, added banana instead
Day 11: Apple Cinnamon Smoothie  - very think, like oatmeal
Day 12: Tropical Getaway Smoothie  - Ok
Day 13: Strawberry Bliss   - Good
Day 14: Apple and Banana Smoothie  - Bland
Day 15: Pina Colada Smoothie - Yummy, bought the song
Day 16: PB & Chia Smoothie  - didn't care for it
Day 17: Green Orange Julius  - ok
Day 18: Protein Boost Smoothie  - pretty good
Day 19: Creamy Berry Smoothie  - Good
Day 20: Mango Lassi  - ok
Day 21: Cinnamon Pear Smoothie  - ok
Day 22: Green Citrus Smoothie  - Too pulpy
Day 23: Orange Surprise Smoothie  - Surprisingly good
Day 24: Sweet Chocolate Smoothie  - Chocolate Good
Day 25: Life is Peachy Smoothie  - good
Day 26: Cool to be Green Smoothie  - ok
Day 27: Chocolate Peanut Butter Milkshake Smoothie  - ok
Day 28: Island Ginger Smoothie  - good
Day 29: Sunny Citrus Smoothie  - not bad a little pulpy
Day 30: Peachy Pear Smoothie  - ok
Day 31: Great Glory Smoothie  - good, I didn't have grapes so I winged it.

It was great to have the FB page, where we could share and see other post of people doing the same challenge. I mainly just looked and gave support when a follow challenger needed it. At the end of the challenge, I face has cleared up a lot, I lost my two stubborn pounds and I have the same if not more energy with the smoothies and half my coffee intake. So all in all it was a fun challenge to do. If nothing else and all in all, you can never go wrong with getting a cup of greens first thing in the morning.

So I will continue drinking smoothies most mornings, I like my cereal every now and then. I will also continue using non dairy alternatives aka almond milk and coconut milk.

So I must share, on the pina colada smoothie day, I of course like everyone else got “the pina colada” song stunk in my head. But unlike most people I went on I-Tunes and bought the song and continued to listen to it repeatedly on the way to daycare and then to work. I was singing it in my head all day and it made me happy until about 2:00 and the pina colada song could not carry me those last three hours, but what a morning. Dorky, I know.