Thursday, May 3, 2012

Homemade Veggie Stock

So having a liquid stock in the pantry is a must for home cooked meals. And my step daughter has stopped eating chickens, because we have some, so chicken stock doesn't get used a lot around this house. 

But I came across this magical idea one day on a blog. To save your leftover veggies, keep them in a bag in the freezer and use them to make veggie stock....of course why didn't I think of this??? Leftover veggies refers to the onion skin, tops and bottoms, broccoli stalk, carrot skins or ends, celery, etc. This gives my veggie scraps and extra purpose before heading to the compost.

So I collect the leftovers over a period of time until my gallon ziplock bag is full. 

Then you dump all the veggies into a crockpot, I then add a potato that I've cut up. To top off the mixture I throw in some fresh herbs from the garden, usually thyme, rosemary and parsley. Then fill the crockpot up with water. 

Put the lid on and set on low. Now I do this first thing in the morning before work and let it cook all day.

When I come home, I have veggie stock waiting for me. 

I then scoop out the big pieces and place in a bowl for the compost. 

Then I use a mesh strainer to catch the rest.

Scoop the broth into your containers, chinese takeout soup containers are great and large yogurt containers. Isn't it pretty, this time the color is very amber. However the color varies depending on the veggies being used.

I then let them cool to room temperature and pop them in the freezer. To thaw, set out in the morning or run hot water around the outside edges, then plop the veggie stock cylinder into saucepan and heat up.

Hope you enjoy this great tip on getting more out of your veggies before they hit the compost bin.

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