Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Local Fair

 I apologize for the lack of postings, sometimes you have a week like that. So I’m going to try and post a little extra this week.

Buy Local First Fair, this is the second time we have attended and I believe the fair’s 4th year. Held at the Watertower right next to the Ohio river, setting is lovely. It’s was an extremely hot day especially for May, in the 90’s, full sun and heat index. Still the crowds came out. 

Vendors consisted of farms, crafts, jewelry, dolls, puppets, woodwork, honey, cheese, books, etc. 

and let’s not forget the food. Everything you imagine to eat was there, coffee, Mexican, gourmet, vegetarian, ice cream etc. Now we did not eat lunch there but I spotted a place that will need to be visited, grill cheese like you would not believe.

We settled on some ice cream from comfy cow, JP got coffee, Avery and I got Mango and Little Bit sampled freely of all the above. We found a comfy patch of grass and plopped down. Listening to the live music on stage and watching the people.

It is great to see our city and the people who live here take notice that we should start looking for local shops to get the things we need. Now we all can dive in and buy everything local, but we can start deciding what is important to us, your family, and start there. It can be a simple as one locally made doll for your little one, local farmers, local restaurants. But as a country we need to start looking at ourselves to provide for our country's needs. Slight soap boxy, but not too bad.

During our trip I purchased soap for little bit's hair, which will clear up her cradle cap, and we bought ice cream. I also grabbed two more bumper stickers for my mini van, because what else do you do with a mini van???!!! 

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