Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bunny, Eggs and Baskets....Oh my

We have never been in to the Easter Holiday, but I want to start celebrating a piece or Easter. Easter for me is the beginning of spring, life and growth. The sun shining bright to extend the days which were once darkened shortly after work.

Bunnies and eggs are both symbols of fertility, so Friday we made wonderful coca rice crispy nest with baby eggs. Super yummy and easy to make.

Community Easter Egg Hunt, was first on our list Saturday afternoon. We went with some friends with baskets in hand. Each age group took turns to collect eggs.

That night was filled with a house full of girls and one little boy. Little hands created little master pieces on their eggs. Next year I plan to investigate and do natural dyes.

When the night settled and our two girls were in bed, the easter bunny loaded up baskets, filled eggs and hid them for the hunt in the morning.

Morning was filled with smiles and surprises, as Avery discovered a basket filled with duct tape in an assortment of colors, bubbles, a chocolate bunny and a tooth brush. Sonya pulled out her new doll, book, bubbles, tooth brush and chocolate bunny. Both also received a Disney autograph book for the trip this June. Sonya's favorite thing......the toothbrush.

Then it was time to make brunch for Josh's family coming over. The menu included egg in a boat, individual hash browns, spiced bacon, and mini berry danishes. All courtesy of pinterest  pins and the blogs that housed the recipes. Now as my blogging continues I'll learn to stop and photograph the wonderful things I make, but it escaped me. Trust me that everything looked wonderful and tasted even better.

After tummy's settled and naps were taken, we went to visit great grandparents and deliver and Easter card. So I've seen lots of cute prints done with little feet, so I figured a bunny with the ears made of Sonya's feet would fit the holiday and cuteness. Easy to make and GGparents loved it.

It was a beautiful weekend filled with smiling faces.

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