Saturday, April 14, 2012

BLT, Please

With the warm weather begging for crops in the ground, kid filled playgrounds, grill planned meals, I’ve been craving tomatoes. I went to the farmers market on Saturday morning for some lettuce and asparagus. Asparagus they had, but at last no lettuce. 

With more errands to run I decided to try a local grocery store I had not made it to. Root Cellar is a small grocery selling produce, herbs, dairy, meat and eggs from local farms. The store is lovely setup like a outside market with each bin displaying were the produce was raised. I looked around and what do I see but tomatoes, bibs of lettuce and a quick glance back to see the bacon. That’s right BLTs are on the menu.

That night we made up homemade french fries, while they bake in the oven, JP fried up the bacon in out cast iron skillet. Bread slices were toasted, tomatoes washed and slice. Then sandwiches were assembled with fries surrounding them.

The left over tomato was seasoned with salt and pepper to eat by itself, so since wasting any of it. Yummy I know!

And we are off to a good start:

So a few weeks ago I posted about starting seeds. So about a week and half since planting my seeds and they are starting to pop up from the dirt. I check them daily to see if they need to be watered and as they grow and lean towards the sun, I rotate their tray around to face the other direction. Its always encouraging when you see the little stem popping up and days later a leaf is forming. 

About two weeks later:

And as for the current, I'll post some pictures in the fairy tale weekend. I hope everyone has a great weekend.

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