Saturday, March 24, 2012

Plant a seed today and tomorrow an plant....

With the end of February, it is time to start my seedlings. With containers from last year, I bought some organic garden soil. I’m starting my tomatoes, bell peppers, watermelon, cantaloupe and cucumbers.

I fill each compartment with soil and pack it in then check the seed depth on the package and drill a hole in the center. 

I drop in two seeds per compartment, I do this because that way at least one seed will sprout; when they get larger I select the weaker one and pull it out. That way each compartment will have one good seedling growing. I have been known to leave both seedlings and hope they both share and work together.

Then I cover the seed up with soil, adding a slight covering, and then water them. I have a lovely roll around multi-shelf rack my dad got me from working at Kroger, They were just going to throw it away and it is perfect for my seed growing need. I wheel the rack in front of the window for natural sunlight. I have not used lights to grow my seeds, but have the lights in case I ever need too.

This year I’m starting a garden journal, documenting when I planted this and that, when I water them, when they sprout, etc. So we’ll have to see how the seeds do.

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