Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Its not like your typical fairy tale....

This is my ordinary fairy tale; it is not like your typical fairy tale.

A little about me:
I am a wife to JP, stepmother to Avery (10), mama to Sonya, aka Little Bit (18 months), a gardener, a composter, a photographer wanna-be, a stay at home mama wanna-be, chicken lady, cook, baker, urban homesteader, like my clothes on the line, canner, crafter. Mix in my artistic creative, type “A” personality.

I work a full time job plus help my hubby out with his business, freelance for friends and fun. JP and I are also working on collection for his company, The Sapling Collection.

My weeknights are spent making dinners, cleaning up, caring for animals, baths and crafting. My weekend is filled with gardening, being a mama, crafting and several hours in the kitchen. My crafts currently consist of sewing, hand embroidery, knitting and painting. Weekends are also for family and finding fun and inexpensive things to do.

I’m also searching and making learning tools for my little bit, she stays with a friend during the day while we all work. The arrangement is perfect because I was able to bring her my homemade baby food, and she agreed to use cloth diapers. Yes, we love cloth! Ginny, our childcare giver, has a toddler also and it gives Sonya a chance to learning sharing before we later enroll her in a preschool, a few years down the road. But this gives me the opportunity to create learning books and flash cards that reflect our lifestyle.

My family:

My husband, JP, is a self-employed small business owner. He is a wonderful woodworker with big, big dreams. We start a collection through is company called “The Sapling Collection”, which are simple toys and decorations for little ones. So I create the designs and collaborate on materials. He makes saw dust, and we have product. Please feel free to visit our etsy store (link) we are working on new items and hoping to fill up our store soon.
JP, my hubby

He is also a Frisbee golfer, a video game player, a wonderful father and full supporter of all the wonderful things that get made around the house.

Avery is 10, I have been involved in her life since she was four. We have a good relationship that doesn’t conflict with the relationship with her mother. She stays with us several days during the week and every other weekend, sharing equally with her mother. I get involved with her school and have met all of her teachers. She is a crafty little lady, duct tape being her media chose at the moment. Loves our chickens, so much that she has stopped eating chicken for about 7 months. This is due to we will be eating our chickens after they stop producing eggs and getting new pullets to continue the process.

Sonya (little bit) is 18 months, and even though she says daddie a lot, she is a mama’s girl. Yea! She is the reason I got motivated to do more myself, having control over the food we put in our bodies, wanting to make learning tools, create simple toys to develop her imagination and make cute things for her to wear.
Sonya and Avery

Animal wise, we have a small zoo, or at least it feels like that. We have three dogs:
Liea, yes my husband is slightly obsessed with star wars, a boxer lab mix and is easy to spot with her spiral tail. Gracie Lou, who is a border collie lab mix. She is the puppy at age 3 and full of energy to light our city. Elvis is a cardigan welsh corgie mix, mix with what we are not sure. He has the spirit of the grumpy old man that yells at kids for walking in his grass.

Gracie Lou

We have a cat, brought to us by a hubby Frisbee golf outing and her finding him. Her name is Piper Ann. She is a spunky little thing that enjoys attacking the dogs and playing with my balls of yarn.
Piper Ann, sun bathing and bird watching

Lastly, we have two chickens, Francine and Molly Sue. We got them last May and they are a fun treat for the girls.
Molly Sue (left) & Francine (right), and yes I can tell them apart.
So there is a little bit about me, I hope that people enjoy the post and topics I write on. Get inspired by my crafts and photos, the way I get inspired. 

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