Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Extending my season...... green house

I have also got and constructed a greenhouse, which we located on our back deck. It is 6’ x 4’ by 7’ tall, there is a shelving unit on one side while the other side is left open. 

I spend one evening gathering all of my pots, getting them filled with dirt and placed inside. The following evening I went out and planted my seeds, including the following: lettuce, spinach, broccoli and potatoes. I move my current planter of celery and carrots in there to continue their growth.

Celery and carrots

Every day you can see the moisture built up on the walls. My little one likes zipping the zippers up and down on the door and running around the outside. It’d been about a month now and the plants inside are doing well. Only time will time if the plants will grow and produce a harvest.

I have great hope for my broccoli plants.


Lettuce and spinach seemed like a great fit for growing in pots. I also attempted to grow potatoes.

The above potato plants seemed to do well and seen above, however as temperatures dropped they all died. So lesson learned, stick to potatoes in the spring through fall. With the death of these plants, I decided to dig them out and plant something new. So I planted more lettuce and spinach because who wouldn't love a fresh salad in the middle of winter.... I know I would. Now lets see how my plants will grow.

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