Thursday, February 28, 2013

Documentary Review: The Greenhorns

Last week I took advantage of "Do Something Reel Fest", I was able to pay $3.99 to rent the film for three days on  

The Greenhorns: a documentary film about young farmers.
Directed by Severine von Tscharner Fleming

This was a great film capturing the spirit and enthusiasm of young farmers today. The director drove around visiting farms all across the united states over a three year time period. It is inspiring to see all the young people wanting to get back to our roots and grow our food. "It's not a want, it's a need." 

We need to recapture what our great or maybe great grand parents knew, which is how to grow food on your land to support your family. I think that it is crazy that the bell peppers are coming from Mexico or Holland. Are there no warm areas year round in the U.S. to supply bell peppers.

I learned about how each farmer is doing things not necessarily the easy way, but a way that is best for the land. Focusing on seed saving, so we don't have to rely on a few large seed manufacturers call the shots.

How we are losing 2,880 acres of land everyday. How the average age of a farmer is 57 and will be retiring with many of their children not wanting to continue in their foot steps.

To think that agriculture in the U.S. is such a large part of our economy and now the percentage of farmers is less than 2%. And the population is are we going to feed everyone.

I'm inspired to do my part in this revolution, this movement that is starting as a spark and will soon burn into a fire. I recommend watching this film, and feel the movement that 
will hopefully effect you into wanting to do a part in our future.

So plant a garden, plant a container garden, shop at farmers market, save your seeds, and teach your children how to grow food:)

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